We exist to offer teachers a forum, a place to speak out about the challenges, the concerns and the obstacles they face and have in their daily workplace.

The Scottish government have stated and restated their commitment to education as their number one issue. The first minister, Nicola Sturgeon has marked education as her highest priority. ‘Judge me on education‘, she has said it many times.

Why then do Ms Sturgeon, and her Education Minister Mr Swinney, continue to ignore the growing number of voices raised from the teaching profession, begging them to fix the mess Scottish education has become under their tenure?

In September, 2017 a secondary school teacher wrote an open letter to Ms Sturgeon begging for help in improving the learning experience of Scottish pupils.

This month and anonymous primary school teacher composed a letter to Mr Swinney, again highlighting areas of deep concern and requesting help.

Both of these letters went viral online and were the subject of a variety of articles in many UK publications. Both teachers expressed concerns that their jobs were at risk, merely because they spoke up for the children in their care. The media used these letters as clubs with which to batter politicians, with no real concern for the issues expressed. 

The teachers who wrote them were left feeling used and powerless, their voices utilised to sell newspapers, to batter political opponents, and then silenced, the issues raised never addressed. 

To date, no major teaching union has backed either of these teachers or utilised the exposure to force change, despite the serious concerns raised. 

Mr Swinney did take the time to have someone answer both letters. In each case the Education Minister, brushed aside the concerns raised, quoted some stats, and informed the teachers that according to every teacher he has spoken to, Scottish Education is in rude health.

At a recent SNP conference, Mr Swinney accused his political peers of ‘politicising education and of not having children’s best interests at heart. This statement, coming from an Education Minister who refuses to listen to practicing teachers and who is dismissive in his responses to professionals seeking assistance, appears to be nothing short of arrogance. 

As teachers, we want our concerns addressed, and our expertise trusted. We want to be able to improve the standard of education for our children. The current system and curriculum is not working well enough for our kids. We lack resources. We lack coherent courses. We lack time to teach content-heavy courses.

We want to be engaged with. We are not here to attack any politician or political party. We are asking for genuine assistance. We want practicing teachers in a room being listened to by people who can affect change.

There is no political agenda here, We simply want our voices heard. We are speaking out on behalf of the children whom we are not being allowed to educate to the best of our ability.

Your children. 

As we are unable to speak publicly, this site is an open forum for teachers to have their voices heard. The open letter is our most powerful tool. Send us your concerns, stresses, worries, fears and experiences. You may remain anonymous, I’d advise doing so in the present climate, but allow your voice to be heard. Speak up for your children. 

We can make change happen. 

If you would like to participate, please visit our submissions page. 

This site was founded by and is hosted and curated by Mark Wilson.

None of the views expressed within, or the content contained are his opinions or words.

Mr Wilson has no political agenda. This site has no political agenda. It exists to allow teachers to have a voice.

Please respect us and accept that the issues raised are ones which genuinely concern us and not political bashing.

We wish to engage with those in politics power, not attack them.